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The UK Tai Chi For Life School ( 英国陈氏太极养身馆) / previously Tai Chi Benefits School teaches Tai Chi to its full potentional and promotes Tai Chi to benefit many. The School is based in Manchester, UK and runs Tai Chi classes in many different areas of North West region including Knutsford, Macclesfield, Wimslow, Handforth, Poynton, Disley, Droylsden, Ashton-Under-Lyne, etc. The School's aim is to develop an understanding of all aspects of Tai Chi that is accessible and valuable to all students and scholars. In addition, in cooperation with Dragon Brother Ltd. UK, the School also promotes a wide range of Chinese culture related products including tai chi, shaolin, xingyi, baguazhang, qigong, and other Chinese martial arts DVDs, and kungfu suits, tai chi shoes etc. For more information about the products please visit URL http://www.dragonbrotherltd.co.uk or the 'Online Shop' link in the menu bar above.

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Tai Chi For Life School already runs several successful Tai Chi classes for different organizations such as Age UK Cheshire East, Manchester Chinese Health and Information Centre etc. also the School is happy to run short courses, seminars or workshops for both community groups (e.g. Club, Church) and employee groups(e.g. school teachers, company staffs), also for schools pupils and University staff and students etc. Private lesson is also available on your request. Please contact Dr Xainglin Li on 07500827965 for further details.

small logo Hare Hill Gardends Tai Chi Starting Soon from 5th June 2024

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Hi everyone, just let you know a really good news: our outdoor Hare Hill Gardends Tai Chi will start again this year from 05/06/2024 to end of September 2024 on every Wednesday afternoon 2.00pm-3.00pm. The price is £7 per session per person, and normal addmission fee apply. For more details about the class please click here! Thank you.

I look forward to seeing you all soon in June.


small logo Light, Soft, Breathable, Wear Resistant, High Quality, Very Comfortable Tai Chi Kungfu Shoes (Brand New) Available now!

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Light, soft, breathable, wear resistant, very comfortable high quality of Tai Chi Kungfu shoes are available now!!! Please click Tai Chi Kungfu Shoes here for more information. Thank you.


small logo Tai Chi Shaolin Kungfu DVDs Available from Our Online Shop!

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In cooperation with Dragon Brother Ltd. Tai Chi For Life School has now hosted a online shop, which sales all dragonbrothers' martial arts products including Tai Chi, Shaolin, Xiyi, Baguazhang, Qigong and other Chinese Kungfu dvd and Thai Boxing DVDs, Kungfu suits, shoes, t-shirts, weapons etc. If interested, please click a Online Shop link here for more information. Thank you.


small logoTai Chi Taster Session for Hong Kong Group 26th April 2023

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On the invitation of the Operations Manager Sandra, Migrant Support, Manchester, Xianglin has run a Tai Chi Taster Session for Hong Kong Group of people in Manchester City Centre last Wednesday 26th April 2023, which was successful and all the participants loved it. Xianglin has enjoyed it, and now more Tai Chi sessions have been arranged and confirmed by the organization. Xianglin was very pleased to see that. For more photos of the session please click here, or a link on the right hand side of this page. Thank you.


small logo Tai Chi Demo for The International Old People's Day Macclesfield 1st October 2022

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On 01/10/2022 Xianglin and a group of his students have been invited to do a Tai Chi Demonstration and Taster Session by the CEO, Lynne, of Age UK Cheshire East on the International Older People's Day, to celebrate older people, which is funded by the Macclesfield Town Council, and organized by Age UK Cheshire East. The event was going very well and full of fun. People enjoyed watching the TaI Chi Form and the Tai Chi Fan Demo leading by Xianglin, also everyone was actively and enthusiastically involved in doing Tai Chi together in the event.


small logo Tai Chi For Blueberry Therapeutics Medicine Company Staff Starting Soon from 2nd October 2019

Hi everyone, just let you know that we will start a new Tai Chi class for Blueberry Therapeutics Ltd soon at Alderley Park, Alderley Edge from 2nd October 2019 at 10.30am every Wednesday morning at their workplace. We wish the class success and all staff can benefit from the ancient Chinese arts! Thank you.


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