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We offer a full selection of Tai Chi DVDs, which include Tai Chi Quan, Sword, Sabre, Spear, Tai Chi Applications etc, cover different tai chi styles such as Chen, Yang, Sun Wu, Wu(Woo), and are demonstrated or performed by these styles' direct-line inheritors such as Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei (Chen style), Yang Zhenduo (Yang style), Sun Jianyun (Sun style) etc. We also offer a wide range of other Chinese martial arts DVDs such as Qigong, Shaolin, Xingyi, Baguazhang etc., and also offer Taichi Videos, Taichi or Qigong Books, music, Taichi Kungfu Suits, Tai Chi weapons such as Sword, Sabre and Tai Chi Fan. Also we provide Chinese Language Learning DVDs/MP3/MP4/BOOK, Chinese Massage, Chinese Medicine (TMC) DVDs and Chinese culture related products (e.g. Chinese bracelet, hairclip, and lady's pocket mirrors). In addition, we also provide ecommence online shop design and support for both personal and business companies etc.

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Dear customers,

Hope all well with you and yours. We are pleased to announce that in cooperation with Dragon Brother Ltd. UK we are going to sell all of our products on this website with a free delivery service. Hope you enjoy your shopping with us. Thank you.


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