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Grandmaster Wang Xi'An

Grandmaster Wang Xi'an is the 19th generation disciple of the Chen Style Taijiquan, China National Senior Wshu Coach and China National First Class Wushu Referee. He was born in the Taiji birth place, Chenjiagou village, China, and he learnt Taiji from both Grandmaster Chen Zhaopi and Grandmaster Chen Zhaokui. After many years training and practising, his martial arts has the features of fast, fierce, flexible, flash scared playing. He has participated in four consecutive competitions in Henan Province and won all No 1 titles, he also won the Beijing First National Push Hand Competition in 1982, and Harbin First National Expert Push Hand Competition in 1985. Since 1983, has has 8 times visiting France, 7 times to Japan, and many times to other countries such as United States, Spain, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg to do the lectures and seminars, and got many reputation titles such as by the 'U.S. News' as the 'King of the International Tai Chi Chuan'; by the Osaka, Japan as a 'permanent honorary citizen' and France Bade Na City 'permanent honorary citizen' and 'with outstanding academic contribution to the Golden Key' by the Spanish government Bruner Council. He has also published many taiji books, DVDs, and videos, and he is one of the top taiji grandmasters in the world.

DW170-03 New Form Routine I (or Xin Jia Yi Lu)
Chen-style Taiji Quan New Frame Routine I is created by Chen Fake (1887-1957), 17th generation of Chen-style Taiji Quan, based on old frame and new frame and combined with his own experience and understanding. In every routine he strengthens the exercise amount improving the drilling level of strengthening technical attack,makes the movement of relaxing, activeness, flipping and shaking , twisting force of transportation and transformation of chest and waist more obvious in the drilling process. It is an integration of arresting , quick fighting, designed carefully from beginning to end. Because the exercise amount of ....
Soundtrack: selectable English / Chinese
Subtitles: selectable English / Chinese
Duration: 4 DVDs 247 mins
Publisher: Chinese Sport Council Publishing House

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